Impingement scrubber

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Gruiz Katalin

Impingement scrubber is a low energy device that offers an advantage of particulate collection, cooling, condensing and gas absorption all in a single unit. Gases enter the unit from the bottom and flow upward through a series of trays, each containing perforations designed to achieve the highest efficiency with minimum pressure drop. Scrubbing liquid is introduced above the top tray and cascades downward to the lower trays. As the gases accelerate through the perforations, a fluidized zone of liquid and gas is created. The turbulent mixing in each of these zones provides intimate contact where gas scrubbing and cooling occurs. Units are furnished with a final demister section to minimize liquid carry over problems before the cleaned gases are exhausted via the top outlet.

The type and number of trays is selected to meet the process requirements. Sieve or impingement or bubble cap type trays are incorporated with single or dual down comers to suit the application.

The CGS Impingement Wet Scrubber is particularly useful where particulate matter would foul a packed bed type scrubber, and on applications where gas absorption and/or sub-cooling is required.