CDT technology

Source of the photo
Nato Science for Peace Programme
Author of the description
Fenyvesi Éva

Cyclodextrin Technology, a bioremediation technology utilizing a special carbohydrate (sugar), cyclodextrin (more exactly random methylated beta-cyclodextrin) for improving the bioavailablitity of the organic contaminants in the soil. The effect of cyclodextrin is based on solubilization, mobilization of the contaminants, which are desorbed from the soil and get to the microbes to be degraded by them. The technology can be implemented either ex situ (after removing the soil from its original place) or in situ (without removing the soil). The time saving by the cyclodextrin-intensified bioremediation may compensate for the higher price of the technology.

Source of description

MOKKA database No. 51. and 175.

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