Toxikológia mérföldkövei

The history of toxicology


Toxicology milestones: an electronic poster with clickable links to the most famous toxicologists activities.

The list starts with Shen Nung, the Father of Chinese medicine (approximately 2695 BCE), through Hippoctrates and other antique scientists, the middle age, the renaissance, until the XX. and XXI. century. Well known names, such as Paracelsus, Leonardo da Vinci, Emil Fischer, Upton Sinclair or Ginger Jake can be found on the summary poster, as well as famous pisonining incidents and the modern age legislations and regulations.

Downloading the poster in pdf format, you have to click  on the selected item, and you will get the detailed story on the page of toxipedia (



Steven G. Gilbert and Antoinette Hayes (2006) Lessons Learned: Milestones of Toxicology (