Artemia franciscana, brine shrimp

Environmental toxicity test with saltwater organisms


The recipe in the attachment belongs to the test-kit "ARTOXKIT", which uses  the testorganism Artemia franciscana, the brine shrimp for testing saltwater samples.

Artemia is called the brine shrimp because specimens can live in inland waters with high salinity.

Brine shrimp eggs are metabolically inactive (cryptobiosis) and can remain in total stasis for two years while in dry oxygen-free conditions, this make them suitable for the development of a kit, where eggs are sold for water-testing purposes.

Artemia consume planktonic algae and they are also used for feeding aquarium fishes, beeing relative large (about 1 cm) with high nutritional value (mainly in newly hatched phase).


Source of main photo:, from page 148 of Clifford, Hugh F. 1991. Aquatic invertebrates of Alberta. University of Alberta Press, Edmonton, Alberta