Kolera cases on Earth

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Gruiz Katalin

Cholera is an infection of the intestine, that causes copious watery diarrhoea, vomiting and leg cramps, and can quickly result in dehydration and death. Cholera is most common where there is poor sanitation and no access to clean water. In 2004, 70% of all cholera cases identified were in the regions of Southeastern Africa, Northern Africa and Central Africa. Mozambique had the highest count of cholera cases, at 20 thousand. An epidemic in 1978 in the small population of the Maldives affected 3.8 people in every 100. The Maldives are barely visible on this map.

The highest cholera prevalence recorded in 2005: cholera cases  per 100,000 inhabitants.

Rank              Territory           Cases/100,000 persons
1                     Maldives                   3779
2                     Tuvalu                        2930
3                      Marshall Islands         577
4                      Kiribati                        568
5                      Nauru                          385
6                      Djibouti                       261
7                      Tonga                         145
8                      Zambia                       114
9                      Mozambique              109
10                    Swaziland                     98

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