Earth topography

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Gruiz Katalin

The physical features of Earth vary from place to place. In some places, the land is relatively flat. In other places, tall mountain ranges dominate the landscape. The shape of Earth's surface is its topography.

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Earth statistics:

Mass (kg)                                            5.976e+24

Mass (Earth = 1)                                1.0000

Equatorial radius (km)                        6,378.14

Equatorial radius (Earth = 1)              1.0000

Mean density (gm/cm3)                      5.515

Mean distance from the Sun (km)     149,600,000

Rotational period (days)                     0.99727

Rotational period (hours)                    23.9345

Orbital period (days)                           365.256

Mean orbital velocity (km/sec)            29.79

Orbital eccentricity                               0.0167

Tilt of axis (degrees)                            23.45

Orbital inclination (degrees)                 0.000

Equatorial escape velocity (km/sec)    11.18

Equatorial surface gravity (m/sec2)       9.78

Visual geometric albedo                        0.37

Mean surface temperature                    15°C

Atmospheric pressure (bars)                1.013

Atmospheric composition

Nitrogen                                                   77%

Oxygen                                                    21%

Other                                                        2%

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