Welcome to the ENFO webpage!


The ENFO webpage intends to give you a hand in taking environmentally efficient and environment-concious decisions whenever faced with environmental problems.

The Glossary contains explanations in the field of environmental law, environmental sciences and the relevant technical background.

If you navigate in the Database you can get acquainted with traditional and innovative methods able to measure and assess the actual condition of the environment inclusive of its deterioration or you get to know technologies able to maintain the environment healthy or technologies to remediate it.

Clicking on the Photos button you are given a quick and expressive overview of the areas of interest covered by the ENFO project.

The Maps visualise GIS data layers and other  environmental data types and help in locating environmental companies, institutions providing information relevant to the respective spot.

E-learning provides insight into the scientific and practical basis of modern environmental engineering.

The content of the ENFO webpage is arranged in a matrix form combining the environmental elements and their deterioration with the relevant examination methods and remediation, cleaning, treatment procedures. The matrix itself is a table having the environmental elements and their deterioration along its horizontal line and the methods and technologies along the vertical line. This matrix-like arrangement can be found under the Photos and E-learning menus.

ENFO knowledge-base: a short film in Hungarian


The SCALE environmental database established in the SCALE project can be reached through ENFO.



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